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Lumiere London 2016

I had a very exciting weekend a week ago now, I went to London to visit my sister and we went to the Lumiere London event on the Saturday, it was running from the Thursday to the Sunday so I got a chance to go just before it finished! #LumiereLDN is brand new event for 2016 that was put on by a design company called Artichoke and was supported by the Mayor Of London Boris Johnson, also. The event was a festival of lights, and some of the world’s eccentric artists brought their mix of neon lights, projections and displays to be projected across London. It ran from the 14th-17th, 6:30 to 10:30 each evening. If your interested in the event and about the company that put the whole thing on, see their website here: Artichoke Events

I loved the idea when I first saw it on Facebook, someone had put it up as an event and my sister had heard about it first, being in London, and I said I was interested in going and seeing her for the weekend also. I wanted to get some good photos, for my blog, and to look back at!

Unfortunately by the time I got there there were already disruptions to the event, with the productions at Kings Cross shutdown on the sat afternoon just after I’d got there, due to overcrowding. I was disappointed as this was the main one I wanted to see as there were a few different displays there, however I was happy if I only got to see one, better one than none as I would have felt it was a wasted trip not to see any!

We made it to Westminster to see the production on the Abbey there which was amazing.

Here are some photos I took on the night below:

Westminster Abbey all lit up!



This is a short post about what I got up to a few weekends ago and something I thought would be interesting to write about and share some photos of.

How was your weekend? What was the best thing you did? Leave me a comment below.

Naomi x


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