Welcome to my blog

Hi and welcome if your reading this for the first time, welcome to my (Naomi’s) blog!

I should probably introduce myself…

My name’s Naomi, middle name Estelle in case your wondering where that come from? You might not be but if you are, there you go! The 17 is because my birthday’s on the 17th of May and I consider it to be a lucky number, even though I don’t really believe in lucky numbers or that kind of thing.

I live in the UK in Oxford, I’m 21 (22 in May) and I’ve just finished a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing for Business working at an invoice finance company, with the training provider 3aaa (Aspire Achieve Advance).

I started a blog all about apprenticeships after my tutor said I’d be good at it and encouraged me to share my story about doing an apprenticeship with others, so I started a blog. You can check that out here if your interested: Naomis Apprenticeship Journey

I loved blogging about that so much that I wanted to start my own blog, completely under my control where I could write whatever I wanted to on whatever topic I wanted to.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and finding about more about me. 🙂

Me dressed up for Steph's hen do

(This is me, slightly more glammed than usual haha)

Naomi x



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