The End of an Era

I don’t know how the hell to start explaining the past few weeks. This blog was started as a place where I could document my experience as an apprentice the 2nd time round, aswell as talking about my experience as a whole. I talked to a few people about the idea and was encouraged to do it, but ultimately it was my idea and down to me to do.

I wasn’t really sure how to start this post as the past few weeks have been really tough. I find it really hard to put it into words if I’m honest, and my friends/family have been great and a great support through this, but no one truly understands unless they’ve had exactly the same experience or a similar experience.

A few weeks ago now, during the last week of January, I had my apprenticeship review meeting which is basically a meeting that you, the apprentice, and the employer or boss at the company have to discuss how your time at the company has been and the future with the company, aka whether they want to keep you on or not.

My (temporary) boss told me they weren’t going to keep me on any further than my current contract and that my last day would be the Friday, the day after the meeting.

The only way I can describe that moment is just one of complete shock. I wasn’t expecting it, I had no inkling, but I did have a gut feeling that something wasn’t going to go that way. I spent so long waiting to finish at the company that by the time it came to an end and a month early, that I didn’t know what to do. I had no back-up plan for what to do next or any ideas. While I will always be a supporter of apprenticeships and have been and still am, an ambassador for them and 3aaa, the company I worked with, I do have problems with the scheme. Unfortunately, apprenticeships by law don’t have to take on the apprentice at the end of their contract. I knew this when I signed up for the scheme,both times, and I knew I might not get a job guaranteed after, however all three placements I went to ended in me having to find another job or apprenticeship elsewhere.

How is this acceptable? I find it crazy that this happens. The government, colleges and training providers all say things such as “Over 90% of apprentices remain in their placements after the apprenticeships”, but in my experience that’s just not the case!

I would still¬†encourage people to do an apprenticeships, and I still do encourage anyone that’s interested to give it a go, but I defintley think people need to be made more aware about this side of the scheme.

Until next time,

Naomi x



2 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. This is exactly what happened to me!! I have never been so shocked in my life. You feel like you are doing well and fitting in but then it’s over. I know exactly what you mean about waiting so long to finish. I was the same, looking forward to better pay and being able to say I’d worked there longer than a year and completed an apprenticeship.

    I really hope you find something else. It sounds totally unfair. All the skills and experience you’ve gained will really help for the next role.

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