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February Favourites

I have been watching ALOT of youtube videos recently, all for research of course, and I love watching people’s monthly favorites videos to see what products and things they’ve been loving, and also pick up any recommendations of things to check out myself!

I have been loving alot of things from the Body Shop since after Christmas as there were lots of sales and offers on, (I do love a Body Shop offer), so I went in a couple of times after christmas for the sales, and once in feb. Apologies in advance, I am obssessed with the Body Shop so I may repeat myself a few times!


  1. Baths, specifically with Lush and the Body Shop products.


Now I know this can be a bit controversial, as with my friends and the group of people i know, it tends to be that you either love Lush or the Body Shop, not both! I always loved Body Shop from about the age of 16/17 when I first started wearing makeup and buying beauty things. I was just about to finish school and thinking about college and got to a point where I wanted to wear makeup and try out a few beauty bits.

I recently got my first Lush product which was a present from one of my good friends Helen, we met up for the day and she said she’d buy my first Lush product, thanks again Helen! She bought the ‘Comforter’ bath bomb/fizzer as I loved the smell of it, it was the first one I smelled and i knew that was the first one I wanted to try! I was originally put of by the price of them as they can be really expensive, but the one she bought me has latest 4-5 baths and I still have about half of it left so I call that really good value for money! I would defintley recommend this bath bomb as not only does it last a long time, but it smells AMAZING. If you haven’t tried Lush before or this product in particular I would highly recommend giving it a go! Let me know what you think too, I’d love to know your thoughts.

2. Green & Blacks White & Vanilla Chocolate

green and blacks white chocolate

My second favorite, this is in no order by the way, is chocolate! If you know me really well then you know I have a sweet tooth and often get cravings for chocolate, whether it’s ice cream or a chocolate bar, and especially if it’s that time of the month, (Ladies you know).

I love Green & Blacks and all things organic and fair trade, but I don’t really like white chocolate so I wasn’t convinced when I went to try this last year. I’ve bought this over my usual Dairy Milk or Dairy Milk & Oreo bars which is my usual purchase if I want something sweet or/and chocolate, so that means I really like it. It might be becuase it’s mixed with the vanilla element too, but it just make sit that extra sweet and yummy. Would recommend if you want something sweet!

3. My Diary

I don’t usually pay that much attention to whichever diary I’m using as it often changes, plans change and the things I’m doing change by days or times, but I bought Sprinkle of Gltiter, aka Louise Pentland’s diary somepoint in Janurary and loved it. I’ve used it every day to see what i’m doing that week, the next week, and I love how different it is to every other type of diary I;ve used before. It’s got motivational quotes in it, pretty writing and space to fill in your goals or targets for the next month/week, and suprisingly that’s really helped me alot recently! Since finishing my apprenticeship it’s been hard to always focus and keep myself motivated on some days, but this diary has really helped to encourage me and look ahead, but focus on day/week at the same time.

4. The Body Shop Argan Oil Range

I love this range as a whole and have tried quite a few products from it now, but I have no complaints. I didn’t love the exfloiating scrub as much as the Zoella Beauty acai and blueberry scrub or the Shea scrub which I found a bit lighter and not as tough on the skin, but I love the Bubble bath and the body butter.



Using both of those recently has really helped as I have really sensitive skin and can’t use alot of products but they have really helped as a moisturizer and a gentle bath oil/soak formula.

I haven’t got many favorites this month but the four I have mentioned I do like alot and would recommend highly!

Have you got any beauty /non-beauty/random favourites? Leave them in a comment, I’d love to know your recommendations.






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