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An exciting week

Hi guys,

So I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks as I’ve been very busy with job searching (I’ve recently become unemployed), and everything that comes with that, writing cover letters, sending off job applications, etc.

Then last week I saw an advert offering the chance to do a Level 1 Accounting course in just one week and it was open to anyone and everyone so I applied and got to  do it! A training provider called Qube Training provdied it at a local business park to me and where they’re based.

It was a week long intensive training course for the AAT Accounting Level 1 qualification, which you can usually do part-time or full-time as a course to develop some basic accounting skills. Each day was a full day starting at 9:30 and ending around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, plus extra work to do at home in the evenings, there was alot to do trust me! I was initially scared to do it as I had no previous accounting experience other than what I had seen people do in my last job, via shadowing them and seeing what they did daily and the type of tasks they did and how accounting came into that. I used to work at an invoice finance company that provided money to companies that needed it, so accounting did play a part in their daily/weekly tasks, and in terms of adding up and double checking figures.

It was a great week and I’m so glad I decided to do it as I learnt some new skills, developed my current skillset, and gained a qualification! The topics covered included: Creating and identifying different types of business documents, Essential accounting procedures, and Mathematics for accounting. We did a mock test on the fourth day which I think helped prepare myself and the group to do the test on the final day, and learn what types of questions would come up and how they would be asked.

I would definitely recommend taking up one of these courses, if not accounting, another subject area or topic that interests you. You gain a ton of new skills, might meet new people/make new friends and you get a qualification at the end of it which you can add to your CV afterwards.

Have you done any training courses? Do you know anyone that’s done a courses? What was your experience, good or bad?

Let me know in the comments  below, I’d love to know what your experience was.

Naomi x


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