My 22nd Birthday & Music Playlist

As your reading this it is currently my birthday! I’m 22 today and now I’m 22 I can officially sing the song from Ms Swift “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22”.

This is quite random post but I had an idea last night that I write about my birthday experiences and what presents I got (if anyone’s interested, i won’t force you to be haha)

I have an exciting day ahead tomorrow which will be the Wednesday after my bday, where I’m going to London with my dad and meeting up with my sister in the afternoon. This is the main thing I’m doing for my birthday but I haven’t seen my sister in a few weeks so am really excited for tomorrow 🙂 and I haven’t been to London in a while so that will be nice! I think there may be some surprises too so that will be exciting! I don’t know everything that’s happening but i’m kind of glad as I am super bad at organizing anything and like other people to arrange plans more often than not. (Even for my birthday)

I created a Birthday post on Youtube this morning just for myself orgiinally, but then I thought I could share it and then you have it for when it’s yours or a friend’s birthday or just to listen to whenever!

  1. Taylor Swift – 22

Just a great tune! Nothing else to say really. Love a bit of Swifty and this song is a goodun!

Taylor Swift 22 image.jpg

2. W.ill.iam feat Cody Wise – It’s My Birthday

Its really catchy and I always have it in my head even when it’s not my birthday!

Cody Wise also has a good voice.

William its my birthday

3. Katy Perry – Birthday

I mean, it’s Katy Perry. Do I need to say anything else? Great voice, great face.

Katy Perry video vevo image


These are my top 3 but if you want to listen to the full playlist here’s the link:

Naomis YouTube birthday playlist


Enjoy 🙂

Happy Birthday if it’s your birthday coming up!

Naomi x


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