Exciting news

September was a really good month for me, which in itself is a weird sentence to start this post with. It’s never been my favourite month and i don’t love the colder months but this year changed my way of thinking.

I signed up to do another creative course but this time going in a slightly different direction, into the world of graphic design.

I’ve always had an interest in design but only after school did I really get into the graphic side. I’ve always been a visual person, I think in pictures, videos & faces and when I learn I find it the easiest and most enjoyable when its through a visual style of learning, using pictures/YouTube videos/presentations.

I started looking into it, did a few Google searches for places that offered a graphic design course in my local area (either Reading or Oxford) and was easy to get to if I needed to.

Friends have asked me how I found the company/training provider and my answer is just ‘i googled it’. I know it might sound really obvious but I thought the best way to find out about was to research it and try find a few places to call and book an appointment to talk it through.

Alot of people have asked me (usually when it has been a while since we last saw each other), “Why didn’t you continue with the apprenticeship process/do the level 4 course?” and I’ve had to explain that it’s not as simple as that. I did consider it and for a while I wanted to do the Level 4 and carry on as far as I could, but the training provider I was with couldn’t offer it due to budget cuts and it would mean finding a new company to do it with. This could have been an option but I’ve found it’s more enjoyable when you feel like your growing with the company and in your job, so it would have felt like starting again.

So I researched into a few places and found 2 that I wanted to book an appointment to book with and discuss the course, what they could offer and the programs I would be using. In the end I only met with one place as they gave a great first impression and were who I thought would be the best people to go with.

I had an inital appointment with the company, Pitman Training who are a training provider. They offer hundreds of courses from AAT for accounting students, marketing skills courses, and 2 design specific courses. What’s different about them though is that they also have job specific courses, e.g. a Marketing Assistant course, which you can study and gives you the skills to find a marketing assistant job. I’ve not seen any other company that offer that and I was initially impressed by seeing that and the many options of courses on their website. Their website is Pitman Training if you want to take a look yourself or are interested in starting a new course.

The 2 design courses they offer are a Web Design diploma and a Graphic Design with Adobe diploma. I was torn between which one to do at first and took time to think it over so I wouldn’t rush into making a decision just for the sake of it.

I spoke to someone on the phone there and booked an appointment to discuss both and see what they could offer me. I attended their Reading office and training centre as it’s the nearest to me and looked like a nice place to go to. I spoke to two lovely ladies, Sherann and Connie, who explained what they do and the difference between the two courses. They asked what I enjoyed doing and a little about me to help me make my decision.

It was good to talk it over and compare the two courses and decide which I thought would be more beneficial to me and help me get my new job and develop the skills I had already.

I decided to study the Graphic Design diploma course as the main element was to explore and learn more about the Adobe Creative Cloud package and then put this into practice for each task. I have previous experience using Photoshop but not used the other tools before.

I officially started last week and went into the centre to start the course, setup my online learning login and get the instructions on the first unit: Photoshop.

I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going but I am so excited to be doing this course and start the next step in my working life and creative experiences. (I hate it when people use the word journey)

If you have any questions do leave them below and i’ll try my best to answer them!



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