Am I the only one who’s not bothered about Halloween?

I was having a think of what i wanted to write about for this week’s post. I’ve decided i’m going to push myself to try and do more than 1 post a week, but for now at least I will be putting a post out every Friday and additional either a Sunday or Monday to start the next week.

I realised it was coming up to Halloween and I don’t know if this is a fairly new thing for this year or has been going on for a few years now but recently I’ve found ALL the shops start early with the Halloween merchandise/outfits from the beginning of the month. Also, the clubs, pubs and restaurants all promote this ‘Halloween weekend’ event thing, which I have no idea where its come from. Why do we need an excuse/special occassion to go out for a few drinks or night out? I just don’t understand, sure it’s been made into a marketing event but since when?

I’ve never been trick or treating and never understood it completley. What I find particularly bonkers is when parents dress their kids up to look really scary or just in a completley non-related outfit to Halloween? Bonkers.

I’ve always been the odd one out in my group of friends as the one who ‘doesn’t do halloween’ and you know what, that’s fine! Just don’t peer pressure me into being the weird one or not feeling included because i don’t get it, like it or enjoy it. If you didn’t drink alcohol I would never dream of making you have one ‘just in case’, so why is this any different. It works both ways.

In terms of dressing up ot make up, I love how some people get really experimental and do amazing, creative make up looks and dress up as a a film character. No idea when that included making Alice in Wonderland covered in blood as a suitable outfit.



2 thoughts on “Am I the only one who’s not bothered about Halloween?

  1. I’m not bothered about Halloween either! I won’t be celebrating it this year. I have in previous years but never gone clubbing or anything just apple bobbing, dress up and pigging out on sweets haha. Waste of money really.

    1. Thank god i’m not the only one! Its the whole idea of celebrating it that i don’t understand. It is such a waste of money!
      Fair enough.

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