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Life Update

I know its such a cliche phrase when someone says ‘Oh life got in the way’ as an answer to why they haven’t vlogged/blogged or just generally not done something yet (I can defintley relate), but it really is the case for me recently.

Somehow it’s been over a month since I last posted, in fact my last post was about Halloween so well over a month now! I lost my blogging motivation and alot of that was down to not feeling like I had anything to write about.

I’m still looking for a job and have had a busy few months going to interviews and the job centre. Thankfully I have had something to focus on other than finding work, with the Adobe Graphic Design Diploma course I’ve been doing. The great thing about it is that its totally flexible, with what they call the distance learning option, and the company I do it with also have the optino of ‘blended learning’ which allows you to do half of half, so you can do the majority of work at home via your laptop/computer through their learning software, but if you need to go into the centre or want some time away from doing work in the same environment then you can go into your local centre and do work there.

I’m on the Photoshop unit currently which I have been taking my time on as I have used it before but only for basic cropping and retouching tools, so it’s been really interesting to explore all the great features and learn how they all fit together, while doing the tasks that are set for you to complete. Adobe has some great tools on their website so anytime I’ve been stuck on completing a task then I can type in a question or phrase and 9 times out of 10 it will give me the answer and I can carry on working on that particular area.

I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas and i’m still not feeling completely festive but i’m sure it will come as the countdown to the special days will come. I’m looking forward to seeing my sister in a couple of weeks as she’s coming down for a few days and that will be fun when were all together for a bit and can (hopefully) unwind.

What have you been up to? Are you looking forward to Christmas or like me aren’t quite feeling in the festive mood? (I don’t think i’m the only one)


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