Review: Nourish bar & cafe @Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot

I’ve been thinking about doing reviews on my blog for a while, of places/cafes I’ve visited and my experience. I love reading other people’s reviews and always have something to say myself so why not give it a go i thought. (I also love eating out) haha.

Just over a month ago now the arts centre near to me Cornerstone, had a makeover, well its cafe had a makeover. The cafe part of it had a makeover, now known as Nourish and updated it’s food and drinks menu. I was very excited about this and when I heard that it was going to include locally sourced food, coffee, fruit juice, etc I was even more excited. My dream has been to have somewhere near enough to me with a locally sourced menu and reasonable prices that is the perfect place to go for a catch up with a friend, have a meeting, or go for a spot of lunch.


I went after it had opened and tried the new coffee menu, testing the Americano and to my suprise, gluten-free cake! They have a range of gluten-free cakes now which is great for me and my friend charlotte who is now on a gluten-free diet and struggles to find somewhere to eat out. I tried their carrot cake which I have to say for someone who doesn’t love gluten-free food and doesn’t have a gluten-free diet, it was very tasty and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between the gluten-free version and the standard.

They now have lunch options available, which they didn’t have many of before, more snacks and pastries to go with tea/coffee. I went about a week after it had opened when I had a spare hour to try out their new menu. I tried one of their new toasties, the cheese and roasted pepper one, a locally sourced apple juice and an Americano of their new drinks menu where all coffee is only £2 for a regular size! You can also order a coffee with a double shot for 50p extra I found out (which I thought was good value for money).


I would defintley recommend checking out Nourish if your in the Didcot/Oxford area and looking for somewhere selling locally sourced coffee and food. The prices are good for the area and everything sold is locally sourced, from the beer and wine to the cakes!

Visited: November 2016

Food rating out of 10: 8/10

Drinks available: 9/10

Prices: 9/10




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