An exciting gift from The Body Shop

NB: This isn’t a sponsored post or ad, I haven’t been asked to promote or been paid to promote the Body Shop/one of their products. I had a package in the post from them and just wanted to rave it about it!

Just before Christmas I recieved a very exciting package in the post from the team at my local Body Shop store, which contained a personalised Shea Body Butter cover and a leaflet to say thankyou for being a Love Your Body member as I have a love your body card.



One of my all time favourite products from them is their Shea Body Butter as it smells amazing for one, and is the best for my skin type. I have really sensitive skin (luckily the Body Shop is one of the places i can get beauty stuff from), and the Shea body butter is the only one I don’t react to! I have had my arms irritated by products I’ve used in the past but not with this product.

I would defintley recommend trying the Shea smell or Coconut one from their body butter range, coconut if you don’t have really sensitive skin like me.

Have you tried any other products from the Body Shop? What/which would you recommend? Have you never tried anything from them? I’d love to know…





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