Why All the Body Shaming?

I feel like Body Shaming has recently become a ‘fashionable’ to do. I’m sure i’m not alone in this? I saw this great YouTube video a few days ago when I was looking for inspiration of what to talk about as this is such a big issue now.

I came across Youtuber, blogger and fitness fanatic Hollie Wakeham who recently became vegan and has been training hard, not to lose weight but to tone up. All the comments I saw were BEYOND negative, offensive and just plain rude. Why anyone posts comments like that when they don’t know the person but they think its fine, is beyond me anyway, but it got me angry.

Since when was bodyshaming someone because your jealous of their weight/size/figure become a socially acceptable thing to do? Because it shouldn’t be. Sure I can look at someones body and think ‘Oh I wish i looked like her’ but would I go as far as to leave a comment or body shame them? NO.

We can all get jealous/upset about not having what we think of someone having ‘the perfect body’ but next time you go to write something online about someone in the public eye and have never met before, please think again.


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